Friday, 19 July 2013

Day #6 - Climbing mountains, Birthday bash and more music!

The sun wasn’t even peeking over the horizon when everyone was dragging themselves to the car. The kids decided to stay up all night instead of sleeping before climbing Stone Mountain. However, some kids faded off in the early hours of the morning. Because it was his birthday, Jahroy ended up being toothpasted and lotioned as his wake up call.
Happy Birthday Jahroy!!

17 never looked as good!!

At 7 a.m., we began our hike with Paige up the mountain. As they hiked and climbed, they constantly motivated each other and didn’t leave anyone behind. They all felt very accomplished when they reached the top of the mountain.  Here's a few clips and photos from the climb:

DAP 2013 comment just before they start the climb . . .
Working their way up towards the top . . .
During the climb, encouragement was needed and shared in spades
DAP 2013 tells us how it feels to be at the top!!

Jahroy thought he would challenge Paige to a race - - - huh?
After conquering Stone Mountain, we all went to IHOP for breakfast. Jason then invited us to his rehearsal for church the next day. Then, we went home to get some shut eye before continuing with our day. Later on, we went to Cumberland Mall for a bit before leaving and going to the best place ever. Sam Ash. Sam Ash is the most amazing place ever created and can be considered a musician’s Disney Land. (or something of that stature).
In the evening, we were invited to John’s for a BBQ to celebrate Jahroy’s 17th birthday. There was plenty of food! We had it all, the hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chips, even cake. While the food was being cooked, the kids spent their time on trampoline.

Who are the actual "children" in this clip? Lol

After eating, they all immediately went back on the trampoline where they spent most of the evening. Later, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jahroy and enjoyed some cake.

Kyle, a guitarist/ vocalist, told us a little bit about what you should do as a vocalist. For example, he said that you should listen to a variety of artists/genres, and to expand your range. He also explained the importance of not smoking if you really want to be a professional vocalist. He even sang for us. Towards the end of the evening, we had a jam session before leaving and going home.

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