Friday, 19 July 2013

Day #6 - Climbing mountains, Birthday bash and more music!

The sun wasn’t even peeking over the horizon when everyone was dragging themselves to the car. The kids decided to stay up all night instead of sleeping before climbing Stone Mountain. However, some kids faded off in the early hours of the morning. Because it was his birthday, Jahroy ended up being toothpasted and lotioned as his wake up call.
Happy Birthday Jahroy!!

17 never looked as good!!

At 7 a.m., we began our hike with Paige up the mountain. As they hiked and climbed, they constantly motivated each other and didn’t leave anyone behind. They all felt very accomplished when they reached the top of the mountain.  Here's a few clips and photos from the climb:

DAP 2013 comment just before they start the climb . . .
Working their way up towards the top . . .
During the climb, encouragement was needed and shared in spades
DAP 2013 tells us how it feels to be at the top!!

Jahroy thought he would challenge Paige to a race - - - huh?
After conquering Stone Mountain, we all went to IHOP for breakfast. Jason then invited us to his rehearsal for church the next day. Then, we went home to get some shut eye before continuing with our day. Later on, we went to Cumberland Mall for a bit before leaving and going to the best place ever. Sam Ash. Sam Ash is the most amazing place ever created and can be considered a musician’s Disney Land. (or something of that stature).
In the evening, we were invited to John’s for a BBQ to celebrate Jahroy’s 17th birthday. There was plenty of food! We had it all, the hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chips, even cake. While the food was being cooked, the kids spent their time on trampoline.

Who are the actual "children" in this clip? Lol

After eating, they all immediately went back on the trampoline where they spent most of the evening. Later, everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jahroy and enjoyed some cake.

Kyle, a guitarist/ vocalist, told us a little bit about what you should do as a vocalist. For example, he said that you should listen to a variety of artists/genres, and to expand your range. He also explained the importance of not smoking if you really want to be a professional vocalist. He even sang for us. Towards the end of the evening, we had a jam session before leaving and going home.

Day #5 - Rest well desrved

It was our last session with Paige. Unfortunately, it was outside in the roasting hot sun because our usual space was unavailable. Everyone pushed and worked really hard since it was the final session we had left.

After our workout, we went to Orange Room Studios. For a while, we got to listen to Craig mix their song and also took a well deserved break.

Kiana at Lennox Mall (It was a dare!!)
Later in the day, everyone got a chance to go to Lennox Mall. During that time, most shopped and got some lunch.

After a good two hours in the mall, we all decided to go to the movies. Some of us went to see Despicable Me 2. Meanwhile, the others went to go see Grown Ups 2.  We returned to the house for the evening to prepare for Stone Mountain.

Day #4 - Love + Pain = Passion!

Bright and early in the morning, we went to Enkore for another session with Paige. It was difficult as usual but we pushed through it.  After cleaning up, we sat down with Jason. He explained what copyrighting is and its importance.  Also, he mentioned that even if it was just a line in a song that you wrote, you can and should copyright it. Jason then went into detail about what should be done to copyright a song.  We left Enkore, went to Mardi Gras for lunch and got to talk with a special guest - Mr. Palmer Williams Jr.  He is an actor, director, singer, comedian just to name a few.  Palmer Williams Jr. has starred in many of Tyler Perry’s productions and written some of his own. He has starred in "The Marriage Counselor", "Madea’s Big Happy Family", "I Don’t Want To Do Wrong" and a few others.

He covered a lot in his talk with us. He told us to be a sponge and to soak up everything we can. Mr. Williams expressed the importance of staying humble and being kind. He also said that it’s very important that you learn the business side of things and to research where you come from. He left us with two very important sayings, “Love + Pain = Passion” & “If you can’t get a gig; go make one.”


After our chat with Palmer, we left Mardi Gras and went to Orange Room Studios. Upon arriving, the kids dove straight into their work. As time passed, their hook slowly came together. Before the day was over, they had finished and recorded their hook, finally completing their song. After they finished at the studio we left to get some food before turning in for the night.


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Day #3 - Dig Deep and Push Through Your Limits

We had another early morning, leaving the house at 8:30. After a quick stop to Quick Trip, we then made our way to Enkore to meet up with Paige for our daily workout.  Paige Jones III explains his profession:

Everyone put their all in and it was a long 40 minutes filled with sweat and tears. Here's a few little clips of some of their "fun":

When we were finished, we cleaned up and waited for Jason to come. Once Jason arrived, he started their one on one sessions, with a critique of their performances.  During the session, they learned more about the do’s and don’ts of performing.
They even tried a little Wheatgrass juice (check their faces - lol!):

It was then time to go get a little something in our systems. We made our way over to the soul food restaurant “Mardi Gras”. Lucky, we got to sit in on a Triggerman Rehearsal - a band which includes Karey Davis, Miguel Gaetan and our own Jason Sylvain.  Due to a scheduling conflict, another singer was filling in for Jason and provided this little sample:

After some wings and tings, we checked back in into Orange Room. As they worked, we all noticed that things were really starting to come together with their song. A couple of hours later, they took a breather and went to Taco Bell for some food. Upon returning to Orange Room, they immediately went back into the studio to work on their hook. Many ideas were presented. Now we just have to see how Jason feels about them…

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day #2 - The work begins . . .

Bright and early in the morning, Chiante woke everyone (by blasting music) for their daily activities. Surprisingly enough, there wasn't a struggle to get anyone out of their beds, even though they were tired. Sluggishly dragging themselves outside, they prepared for morning exercise which was led by Mr. & Mrs. Minors. Here's a snippet of the exercise:

Once the exercise with Mr. & Mrs. Minors was complete, everyone, although tired, cleaned up and was ready for the day’s activities. We all met up with Jason at Enkore Studios and he proceeded to ask them about their goals. After talking, we got the opportunity to watch a production session.

Jason then told everyone to write lyrics based on the information they brainstormed the night before.
The first verse was beginning to come together and everyone was pretty happy with what they had so far. As they created, Jason guided them, made suggestions and helped them get the sound they wanted.
Around 1pm, he dismissed them and we all left to go Subway for lunch. After lunch, we went to Orange Room Studios and the participants were introduced to John Beal, producer, musician and owner of Orange Room.

They were also introduced to Craig Simons, who is a producer, engineer and CEO of IVibes Productions.

They went into the studio and were taught the names and usage of all the equipment. After going over their material, they got a chance to record in the booth.

Here's a clip of Shavonte' after her first experience in the studio:


Rashae explains his first experience in the studio:

Once finished, we all left Orange Room, grabbed some food from Truetts/Chick-Fil-A before returning to the house for the evening. 

Let the DAP 2013....Begin!

DAP 2013 has started! We all met up at the airport, checked in and arrived in the waiting area with no problems.

Here's a picture at the airport:

Rashae, Jahroy, Shavonte', Kiana, Chiante' and Rashun

 Everyone then got a bite to eat before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, we were spread all throughout the plane and some had a longer flight than others. For example, armpit perfume, atheist old ladies and sleeping heads (ask about them later - lol). During the flight, we met Alexander Star who is a fellow musician, songwriter and producer.  He had just performed in Bermuda at the Evolution Fashion Show, sponsored by the Corporation of Hamilton. (

PlayList CEO Theresa Minors & Songwriter/Vocal Producer/Performer, Alexander Star

During the duration of the flight, he told Mr. Minors about what he does. In turn, Mr. Minors told him about the program. After what seemed like forever, we managed to get the the car, pick up some food and go to the house. Sadly, there wasn't a Dodge this year, but we still represented it in spirit. Everyone then got settled and ate their Chinese from Panda Express. Later in the evening, our vocal coach, Jason (JJ) Slyvain came to the house to introduce himself. He proceeded to tell the group about their amazing week ahead of them. Each participant was then asked to perform. DAP 2013 was then told to select their musical track and start brainstorming song concepts and ideas.

Here's a video of Jason talking a little about what to expect during the week and the expectations of our instructors:

Monday, 8 July 2013

DAP 2013 - Week #1 - Starts Today!!

Hey everybody!

DAP 2013 officially begins today as the first group leaves for Atlanta on the 2:44 pm direct Delta flight.  We are excited to have the following amazing, talented performers travelling:

  • Vocalist - Kiana Madeiros
  • Vocalist - Rashae Bean
  • Vocalist - Shavonte' Dill
  • Vocalist - Rashun Bean
In addition to these talented singers, we have our interns, Jahroy "Da Kidd Classic' Richards (Rap - DAP 2012) and Chiante' "Hoops" Roberts (Vocalist - DAP 2012) travelling to support the program this year.

It is going to be an amazing journey - - keep your eyes on this blog for pictures, information, videos and more!!