Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day #2 - The work begins . . .

Bright and early in the morning, Chiante woke everyone (by blasting music) for their daily activities. Surprisingly enough, there wasn't a struggle to get anyone out of their beds, even though they were tired. Sluggishly dragging themselves outside, they prepared for morning exercise which was led by Mr. & Mrs. Minors. Here's a snippet of the exercise:

Once the exercise with Mr. & Mrs. Minors was complete, everyone, although tired, cleaned up and was ready for the day’s activities. We all met up with Jason at Enkore Studios and he proceeded to ask them about their goals. After talking, we got the opportunity to watch a production session.

Jason then told everyone to write lyrics based on the information they brainstormed the night before.
The first verse was beginning to come together and everyone was pretty happy with what they had so far. As they created, Jason guided them, made suggestions and helped them get the sound they wanted.
Around 1pm, he dismissed them and we all left to go Subway for lunch. After lunch, we went to Orange Room Studios and the participants were introduced to John Beal, producer, musician and owner of Orange Room.

They were also introduced to Craig Simons, who is a producer, engineer and CEO of IVibes Productions.

They went into the studio and were taught the names and usage of all the equipment. After going over their material, they got a chance to record in the booth.

Here's a clip of Shavonte' after her first experience in the studio:


Rashae explains his first experience in the studio:

Once finished, we all left Orange Room, grabbed some food from Truetts/Chick-Fil-A before returning to the house for the evening. 

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