Friday, 19 July 2013

Day #4 - Love + Pain = Passion!

Bright and early in the morning, we went to Enkore for another session with Paige. It was difficult as usual but we pushed through it.  After cleaning up, we sat down with Jason. He explained what copyrighting is and its importance.  Also, he mentioned that even if it was just a line in a song that you wrote, you can and should copyright it. Jason then went into detail about what should be done to copyright a song.  We left Enkore, went to Mardi Gras for lunch and got to talk with a special guest - Mr. Palmer Williams Jr.  He is an actor, director, singer, comedian just to name a few.  Palmer Williams Jr. has starred in many of Tyler Perry’s productions and written some of his own. He has starred in "The Marriage Counselor", "Madea’s Big Happy Family", "I Don’t Want To Do Wrong" and a few others.

He covered a lot in his talk with us. He told us to be a sponge and to soak up everything we can. Mr. Williams expressed the importance of staying humble and being kind. He also said that it’s very important that you learn the business side of things and to research where you come from. He left us with two very important sayings, “Love + Pain = Passion” & “If you can’t get a gig; go make one.”


After our chat with Palmer, we left Mardi Gras and went to Orange Room Studios. Upon arriving, the kids dove straight into their work. As time passed, their hook slowly came together. Before the day was over, they had finished and recorded their hook, finally completing their song. After they finished at the studio we left to get some food before turning in for the night.


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